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Your Minnesota Dock & Boat Lift Repair Specialists

We are a professional and highly trained team for your dock or boat lift repair, from minor to major repairs we do it all for you.
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What We Offer

To put it simply, we offer dock and boat lift repair for your lake home dock and boat lifts.

JBR Welding will perform a wide variety of repairs on your dock to ensure your dock or boat lift is safe and operating efficiently. Our team of highly trained technicians will review every repair needed and provide a detailed plan on how to restore your dock (or boat lift) to full function and safety.

We want you and your family to feel at-ease fishing from your dock or traveling out on the water on your boat.

Dock & Lift Installation and Removal in Minnesota

Done-for-you dock and lift installation and removal
Enjoy your lake home knowing it’s safe and secure
Dock welding and lift repairs

Broken dock? Damaged boat lift? Yeah, we’ve been there too.
We know what it’s like to have that lingering feeling of a needed dock repair. We know the anxiety it can create when you just want to head to the lake and spend time with your family.

Don’t deal with that feeling any longer. Request a free quote and have our specialists come out and repair your dock or boat lift. We’d be happy to get your family time back for you

How we are different from other dock/boat repair lift companies

Dock and boat lift repair can be a hassle. You need to find the right repair shop, get an accurate quote, and hope they do a good job with minimal hassle. Many companies just want to sell you a new fixed dock or lift – not JBR Welding!

Our team is dedicated to providing value and providing quality repairs. We’re here to help our customers (and their docks and lifts!) succeed.

What’s Next?

JBR Welding is the go-to company for all your dock and boat lift repair needs. The only issue is deciding whether you want to tackle it yourself or have a pro handle the job for you.

If you’ve decided you want us to hand your dock and boat repair lifts, then you can get started with us by taking the first step:

  1. Request a free quote
  2. We’ll survey your property
  3. You can rest easy knowing your dock and boat lift repair needs are met

Ready to let the pros handle it for you? Request a free quote below.

JBR Welding provides dock and boat lift repair in Minnesota. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions and responsive customer service to every client.